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Dialing Instructions

Dialing Instructions (845, 847, 862 Exchanges)
Please refer to Centrex feature sections for guidance in the use of special features available in the 845, 847, and 862 exchanges

To Call Dial
Emergency Telephone Numbers (See campus directory)
University Operator (Campus Information) *0 (or 5-3211)
Bryan / College Station Operator (GTE) 9-0
Directory Assistance (Local - GTE) 9-411
Directory Assistance (out of local area) 9-Area Code-555-1212
System Speed Call Numbers (See Campus Directory) 3-NNN
845 Exchange Numbers 5-NNNN
847 Exchange Numbers 7-NNNN
862 Exchange Numbers 2-NNNN
Student Locator (for student's number) 5-4741
Trouble Reporting 5-4357 (HELP)
Centrex Feature Assistance 5-4357 (HELP)
Holiday Recording (Call forward to) 5-2200
Local Area Exchanges (see B/CS directory) 9-NNN-NNNN
Toll Free (800, 877, 888) 9-800-NNN-NNNN
International Calls to locations that can be direct dialed 9-011-Country Code-City Code-Number
International Calls - Operator assisted, collect, person to person, or credit card 9-01-Country Code-City Code-Number
Toll Calls (operator assisted) 9-0-Area Code-NNN-NNNN
Least Cost Long Distance Calls (May overflow to toll if authorized) 9-Area Code-NNN-NNNN
AT&T (Customer Access) 9-NNN-NNNN
MCI (Customer Access) 9-NNN-NNNN
Sprint (Customer Access) 9-NNN-NNNN